Monday, March 30, 2009

OK, it's been kinda crazy at our house the last few days!

Will went to the eye doctor on Friday March 20th and we found out he needs glasses. We picked out some very nice Timberland frames that are very durable. He's not happy, but we've spent the last week really playing up how cool his new glasses are and how awesome he's going to look. So, if you see us out, be sure to say how cool he looks!!

But this is a special blog. It's to pay tribute to people who probably don't really understand how much they mean to our lives. A lot of times, I really stink at true emotions. I now say that it's my Asperger's peeking out, but all kidding aside, I am great with helping others and telling them I'm there for you. I am terrible at accepting help and being gracious. I think it comes from being a control freak! I am really working on it and praying about it. In addition to that, I have always been able to express myself better in print than with words.

On Saturday, March 21st Will's best buddy in the world Madison and her family came over for dogs and Wii. The great part is Madison's mommy, Melissa is my best buddy too! They are a great family and I really lean on Melissa a lot for support. We are perfectly matched though. Her husband Phillip and Craig are very much alike. Me and Melissa could have been separated at birth, except she's younger than I am. Their youngest daughter Megan was born 2 weeks after Matthew. Christian doesn't have a match, but he's our life of the party anyway. I don't think there's another one out there quite like him. Now for Maddy.

You have to understand that it is hard for children with Asperger's to make a "connection" outside of family members. This is just a part of that "social" learning curve that they have. But Aspie mom's have hope. Every so often, angels will walk into your child's life. Madison is Will's angel. They met in daycare. She was 3 and he was 4. She had just moved to the 3 yr old class and he was waiting for a space to open to go to the 4 yr old class. He came home every day telling me about his new "girl". That's what he called her because he couldn't remember her name. While in daycare, Will didn't play with the other children. He usually took a book or a bucket of blocks outside and sat on the sidewalk while the others ran, jumped, climbed and played outside. That is until Madison came. Every day the teacher would tell me, "Will played during outside time today with Madison!" I became excited. I worked in Winston Salem at Baptist Hospital, so I only dropped Will off at daycare I never picked him up. Either Craig or his mom and dad picked him up in the afternoon. So, I kept hearing about Madison but never got to meet her until we went to the zoo. I had recently found out I was pregnant with Christian. I took the day off to go on the field trip to the zoo (this was before I decided to quit). I drove with Will to the zoo, but Madison and her mom had rode the daycare "bus". So when we were going into the zoo, we met up with Madison and her mom (this should read that will drug me across the North America entrance to get to her). We rented a stroller together. They had a blast and Melissa and I became fast friends! From that point on, they were inseparable. He still has a picture that I took of them together that day in a frame in his room (we had to blow it up to a 5 x 7). Will went to her birthday parties, she came to his, etc. They are at that time of year, in April, where they will both be 7 for a short period. Even though it seems silly, Will looks forward to the months that he and Madison are the same age. He loves anything having to do with her and whenever they are together, it seems like everyone else just fades away. We joke sometimes that we are going to end up as in-laws, but truth be told I really don't think Melissa and Phillip or Craig and I would mind a bit. They used to tell everyone that they would get married when they were grown up.

Even though they don't attend the same schools, Will talks about her all the time. She is always in his thoughts and prayers. If he never has another true friend in his life, and I hope he has a million, but if he never does he can say he has had a dear friend who loves him. Whenever Craig and I talk about it we say that she just "gets" him. I sometimes wonder why it is so easy for her to see how great he is and so difficult for others, including adults. I thank God every day for that little girl. She is a bright star in his life and we are grateful for her!
So to Madison, we love you so much! To Melissa and Phillip, no matter what else goes on in your life. No matter what "drama" and hardships you have to endure. Hold your head high in the knowledge that you are wonderful parents who are raising an angel who touches the lives of those around her. Especially one little boy who loves her!!

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  1. We love you guys. I hope that we only become closer as the years go by and we get to watch all our kids grow up together. You all are a blessing to us!!!