Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coming Attractions

Well we are going to Will's meeting at the school tomorrow. I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I really want them to step up to the plate and do what they are supposed to do to help him both academically and socially. On the other hand, if they refuse, it makes the descision whether or not to home school pretty easy. I'm very conflicted right now.

On Friday, we go to the eye doctor. He's always had very good vision. It was 20/20 when we had him tested before kindergarden. When we went for his visit to our pediatrician the other day, he couldn't see part of the eye chart that he could read the last time, so we are going to have him checked by an opthamologist. I truly hope he doesn't need glasses. Speaking as someone who got glasses in second grade, it's not going to help him out socially. All parents of small children in school know that no matter how perfect your child is, kids are CRUEL! I guess if he does, we will just have to find the coolest most awsome ones that they make! My mom rocked on that account! Even though they were twice as expensive as the nice regular ones and she didn't really have the money, she got me the Strawberry Shortcake glasses for my first pair. Thanks Mom!!

So, just remember to keep us in your prayers!

Also, one of my best friend's little girl Chloe is having some outpatient surgery on Friday. Please pray for her and my friend, Rena. Chloe is only one week older than Matthew and it's going to be tough on the whole family!!

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