Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm sure I won't always be able to blog so many times a day, but right now there's just always so much on my mind that needs to be said.

Yesterday was just a rough day. I know we are going to have them, but you just don't always see them coming. It wasn't a catastrophic event of any kind, it was just a lot of things that made up the whole rotten, fishy smelling day!

Well, let's see to start with, no one slept good the night before. Will had a nightmare, those are getting more frequent. He is afraid his TV is going to turn on by itself and he is afraid of it. I have to cover it with a blanket every night before he will go to sleep. I tried to get him to let me take it out if he's afraid of it, I thought it made sense, but the conversation went kind of like this:

Me: If you're afraid of it, why don't we take it out of your room.
Him: But how would I watch theater TV? (theater tv is where you lie in bed in the dark and watch tv(ultimately he always falls asleep))
Me: You could always go watch in your brother's room.
Him: Mommy, don't you realize I am much more advanced than Christian.
Me: Yes, but sometimes you watch TV with him.
Him: That's because he will watch what I tell him to, but he really doesn't know how to appreciate my shows. He likes Spongebob, but he's not old enough to know how good it really is.

(Apparently neither am I.)

Me: Well what would make you feel better?
Him: I'll think about it and get back to you with an answer.
Me: OK well what can we do until you come up with an answer.
Him: Just keep covering it with the blanket for now. It's not a solution, but it will have to do until I find one.

OK, whose 7 year old talks like that??

So, Christian didn't sleep well again. But unlike Will, he can't tell me what's going on. He keeps waking up about 2 to 3 times a night. I'm pretty sure it's either nightmares or he's just scared when he wakes up alone because when you go in in there and cover him back up he goes right back to sleep.

Matthew is actually my best sleeper, but he was even up about every hour and a half wanting a bottle.

Needless to say I was tired. So after being out of school for two extra days you can imagine what a time I had getting Will out of bed and ready for school. He got up at 6:45 and still wasn't dressed by 7:15. I was feeding Matthew and hadn't realized how long had passed until I got finished. I put Matt down and ran to his room. The bus comes at 7:30 and he still hadn't had breakfast. He was sitting in the middle of his floor with only underwear and one sock on. He was leaning back against his bed with his eyes closed almost asleep. I told him to shake a leg, so he did. He shook the leg with the bare foot on it like it was being electrocuted. I rephrased my command and got him to the table to eat his granola bar and drink his juice. This week is granola bar all week. You can't switch his breakfast without plenty of advanced notice or it will screw up his entire world! We finally got dressed, ate, got our book bag and made the bus just in time.

Whew time to rest a minute, Matthew was asleep. Then Christian got up. My butt had just hit the couch, I think he has a radar. So, I got him up and got his "bites" for him. Anything to eat has become "bites". So I started washing dishes and bottles and cranked up the coffee pot with high test. He ate and watched cartoons till Craig got home from work. The rest of the day went fairly smooth. Then 3 pm came and with it brought the bus.

He got off the bus and the bus was still sitting there. I could see Ms. Scarlet the bus driver turning around to have "prayer" with some kids on the bus. Will walked very slowly in the house and when we asked what was going on on the bus he said"How did you know something happened on the bus?" and started squalling. We were inquiring about why the bus was still sitting in the road when he was already in the house. He proceeded to tell us that older kids were picking him up an carrying him back to the front of the bus. All the K-3 are supposed to sit in the front, but he thought since he was as smart as a 5th grader according to his tests that he could go back there. It made sense to him, but the older kids didn't want him back there.

I asked how the rest of his day was. He pulled 3 cards, all for talking and interrupting. I want to just scream. He has Asperger's and ADHD some days he just can't help it. I know he has to learn not to do it, but it has got to where it feels like they are just punishing him for having blue eyes! Anyway, he was upset about being on "blue" and then he told me about the playground. He wanted someone at school to push him on the swings and the little girls told him if he would run behind the swings 100 times without getting hit, they would push him. He said "So I did it 10 times and had to start over when I got hit and then I was out of time." I had to actually explain to him that that means they don't want to play. I asked him what did the teachers do when he got hit. (He had a scrape and a bruise on his arm) "They said just go play." He's just having a hard time and the school is not helping at all.

We got through that and started homework. Craig had been up all day, so he had to go to bed. Will kept complaining that he was tired and didn't want to do it. Craig's mom, Nona, was coming to pick him and Christian up to go to her house and play for a while so he had to get homework done or he couldn't go. Nona night is once a week, usually on Thursday night. So he plowed through his homework and actually had just finished when Nona got here.

They went to Nona's and I sat down at the computer for a few minutes with Matthew to chill. When Matthew went to sleep, I laid him down and started trying to pick up some of the toys and stuff out of the floor. I found Christian's lost shoe. (I had been looking for it all day and found it inside my shoe) Well when they got home, both got a bath and we were doing the whole bedtime thing, including the nightly conversation about the tv. I got halfway back down the hall and heard Will yelling, "Mommy".

I went back to his room. He assured me that he wasn't going to be able to sleep because the idog's spots kept coming and going. This is our newest stall tactic, so I took the idog with me. Then he called he needed a drink. Then it was to tell me "I love you" I put them down before 8:30 but it was probably about 9:45 before he went to sleep. I finally sat down and started watching tv and Matthew woke up for a bottle.........

I swear it is never ending!!

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  1. I'm speechless Shannon. I have "bad" days but none that compare to this. You need to call me.