Monday, March 16, 2009

My Monday

Today was the day that we met with the people from Amos Cottage. A very sweet lady named Tamika came out and met Christian and we did the paperwork to get started with his evaluation. His official evaluation is next Friday March 27th. They will check his hearing and evaluate his speech. Tamika and I hit it off immediately. From what I could gather, she will be his case worker and will be making monthly visits to evaluate his progress until he is three. At age three if he still needs services, he will probably have to go the elementary school to get them. God, I love being in a hick town! NOT!

Well Thursday is our initial meeting with the school. I have already emailed them 18 pages both educating them on what Asperger's is (that is what I'm posting 1 section at a time on here) and what we need them to do. I don't think they will love me much anymore. Not that they did to start with! I don't really think it is going to matter. I'm pretty sure we are going to home school next year with the Abeka curriculum anyway. The kids just get meaner by the day!!!

Well among other things, I am happy to report that some of the people that were giving me grief have stopped. Not all mind you, but some of the most important ones! Don't ever let anyone tell you that they know more about your child than you do! And never forget you are your child's best advocate and whether they are talented or average run of the mill, they are special! Settle for nothing less than the best that is possible for your child and then praise their achievements, no matter how small!! This is the best builder of self confidence there has ever been.


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