Friday, March 20, 2009

The Meeting

Well, much to my surprise, the meeting went much better than expected. Even though I was a bit testy, I managed to keep Jesus in my heart and on my lips. I was very proud of myself. I sometimes struggle with that when I lose my temper. That is one of the things that I pray for daily. To control my temper. I just don't have much patience for people who say "stupid" things or act badly towards my children. I always try to remember that it is better to take an opportunity to educate them than to bite their heads off but I don't always succeed. I try to work everyday at being a better person and a better role model for my children. It's hard to teach self control to a child if you don't exhibit it yourself. I truly believe in leading by example.

Well the school is going to make an exception and have the AIG (academically intellectually gifted) teacher to pull will out of class during english time and do activities with him that are more advanced and try to center it around his intrests. This is perfect for him. It is exactly what we were looking for! They will work one on one with him in class every day with advanced work and twice a week he will be with the AIG teacher for about an hour each day. I think maybe a somewhat intelligent 18 page report that I emailed them to prepare them for the meeting got their attention. I think it may have also made them take us more seriously this time!! Either way, I was pleased. They are also ordering some new materials for him to use both in class and in AIG.We discussed some other things as well. He now has earplugs for the bus that the bus driver will keep up with for him and more for inside the school for the lunchroom, pep rallies, etc as well. He will also be assigned a buddy, one of his friends, to help him pack up. We requested a little girl named Adialee who has been in his class since kindergarden and is really kind to him.

We discussed the children who are picking on him and the fact that he just doesn't get that they are being mean to him. They have promised to pay more attention and I have promised to make surprise visits! I also reminded them that Will knew a lot of people who would also be dropping by to visit (eg friends, family members, psychologists, ...) and watching from out in the community. Thanks Christi!!!

We assured them that we wanted to work with them because Will wants to go to school there, and we want him to be happy. We also assured them that while his happiness was very important, as his parents we would ultimately do what's best for him.

But all in all we were encouraged.

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