Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What he said....

OK Will has always had just, for lack of a better word, unique ways to express things. We call it "Willspeak". It creeps into regular conversation and when you least expect it, you will find yourself saying these phrases. I thought I would share some and if you guys think of any be sure to leave it in a comment!!

I cant know that - I don't know that (this is an older one, but we still say it all the time!)

Mouth water - AKA saliva used in "I'm OK I just got choked on mouth water."

If I did I didn't mean to - This is usually the response to "Will did you pass gas?"

Ya Mean - This is a clairifier. It is also said in a very quick almost sing song tone followed by regular speech. As in "Will it's time to go to bed." followed by "Ya Mean it's 8:00?"
or "Will, put your shoes on." followed by "Ya mean we're going somewhere."

Which (insert noun here) - As in "Will hand me that book from the table." "Which table?" or "Will please put on your clothes." "Which clothes?"

You know we could....... - this will be followed by an explanation or idea that is guaranteed to be about 5 minutes long and difficult for adults to follow no matter how hard they try!

Hey Mommy, Hey Daddy, Hey Nanny, etc....-This must be said at the beginning of each topic. Even if you are standing right beside him and you are the only other person in the room. I usually respond, "Hey Will"

This one time on Sponge bob - OK if you've ever seen American Pie, you know why this one is so funny. He says it in almost the way as in the movie too!

To his brother: "Why are you so nice in public and then you get so mean and cranky when we get in the car?" After a trip to the psychologist.

I'm sure I'll think of others as time goes on and I'm sure that Craig will think of some I have forgotten to list and I will post them then, but let me leave you with this one. I promise, you will find it sneaking up on you and into your daily conversations!

Our 2 year old loves Will! He worships the ground he walks on. As some of you already know, he is starting speech and does not have many words at all for communicating. He sometimes bites and pushes, he is very strong. Will calls this "Tough Love". But the ultimate act of affection is phrased as such:

"Nothing says I love you like a headbutt!"

Now those are words to live by!!!!!!

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