Monday, April 20, 2009

OK, I'm beginning to think that I'm going to just call the state and file a complaint against the school. We had the meeting a few weeks ago and since then everything seems to have been sunshine and roses. Will hasn't come home crying, we've been able to communicate somewhat with the teacher, ( this should read that we had one civil conversation about his glasses and the fact that he swallowed a bead at school and I use the term "teacher" loosely I have family members who are stellar examples of how the education system is supposed to work) however, today I am officially about to take a hostage!!

Will asked to go to the bathroom today during class. OK we all know (and I include the school in this we) that Will is on medication for constipation. We also know that my little aspie has a routine for everything including bodily functions. You would think after the H-E, double hockey sticks that I raised when the computer teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom and he peed in his pants, they would snap to attention anytime he said he had to go. However, "the teacher", told him not only that he could wait until she finished with directions she was giving, she told him if he couldn't hold it for that long then he should be in pre school. He came home with poop in his underware. Smeared in where he had tried to clean himself up. Needless to say, I introduced myself by telephone to the new principal of the school today. Poor man!! I truly felt sorry for him until he called me back 30 minutes later singing their song of Will won't behave. Now they want to send him to Yadkin Success Academy, which is a school for delinquents. I politely, not, told him that if he thought that would be happening he was crazy!!!!

I spoke with Will's therapist today. She is not from around here and is just appalled at how the school is treating him! He has an appointment with a psychiatrist on Wednesday in Statesville. Dr. Munoz is supposed to be a whiz at working with kids who have Asperger's and ADHD. They want to talk meds again, but I'm still torn.

Please pray for us!! I've had about all I can take without breaking!

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