Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OK I am going to try blogging again

For those of you that I haven't spoken to in a while, I'll try to do some catching up to start with.  I have gotten an adroid phone, so hopefully I will be able to blog on the go.  I am thinking that this will help me stay more current.

It's been a busy 6 months.  We are in the 19th week of home school with two straight A report cards behind us.  We seem to have gotten our medication straightened out after about 4 tries.  We see the phychiatrist about every 6 weeks and the therapist about every 2 weeks.  I'm even starting a yahoo group for home schoolers in Yadkin county.  Sounds like we've got it all worked out, huh?

Wrong again!  Our middle son, Christian, is now being tested to find out where on the spectrum he lies.  He has a signifigant language delay with only about 50 - 75 words at 3 years.  We also have more of the anger issues with him than we have ever had with Will.  He is now seeing the therapist weekly.  We are on the waiting list for speech services and in a holding pattern waiting on test results.  The only results we have gotten back so far are from the hearing.  Hearing checks out OK.  I know it's awful to say, but I was actually hoping that maybe he had diminshed hearing and that's where the frustration and anger was coming from.  At least that would be something we could do something about.  Simple tubes or a hearing aid and voila! Instant fix!  I guess I should know by now that there are no quick fixes!!

He is making vast improvements.  Six months ago, as we went to the beach, he had less than 20 words.  I am hoping that the anger issues he is having are connected to his inability to communicate.

I am fully blessed in our lives and I wouldn't change anything, so please don't think that when I say that I am praying that Christian is not found to be autistic.  Will is on the spectrum and while it has taught all of us some invaluable lessons and I feel certain that we could handle anything that comes our way, I just don't want him to have to struggle.  I see now that even thought there are many blessings that come from looking at the world from a different point of view, there are a lot of hardships too!  I wouldn't trade any of our newfound joys that have been brought into our life by being on the spectrum, but any mother worth anything will always want to protect their children from being hurt.  That's the part that we struggle with.  Not the autism as much as the other people!!! 

There is an awesome site that I order from frequently called Cafe Press. They make the most awesome t shirts.  The latest I am ordering is to wear to Wal Mart.  It says:

My kid's autistic.  What the H*&& is wrong with yours?


Maybe if you stare long enough it will cure his autism.  Then we can try to find a cure for your stupidity!

Needless to say, I hate going to Wal Mart.   We don't stim in a physical means, so to say.  Will does something that we call "Dootey Dooing".  It is his own personal soundtrack to his life.  He sings it almost costantly, some days.  Most of the time he has no idea that he is even doing it.  On really bad days, like when we have to go into Walmart, it gets progressivly louder until I remind him that he is doing it.  Then he stops for about a minute and then starts low and again gets progressively louder.  Now imagine me trying to grocery shop.  Pushing one cart with Matthew in the seat,who is teething, biting my hand while I try to push.  Pulling one cart with Christian in the seat, occasionally biting or kicking or just melting down if you tell him no and screaming at the top of his lungs.  Then you have Will, trying to help guide the back cart and avoid being kicked or bitten by Christian singing "Doot, doot, doot, dootey doot, doot doot..."  Now tell me how I could possibly forget the bread!?!?!?  Thank goodness, sometimes Craig stays up and lets me run quickly to the store by myself, or my bff Melissa braves the trip with me!

And when I say Melissa is brave, I mean it!!  Last Satruday for Valentines Day, her and her husband Phillip came and brought their two girls to our house and watched all 5 kids so that Craig and I could go out on our first date in 2 years.  Anyone who can watch my children and come out even somewhat sane on the other side is either crazy, brave or just a pure saint.  Melissa is all 3!!  I don't think she even realizes how much I love and depend on her.  She genuinely loves my children and me, warts and all.  She is patient, kind and understanding with each one.  And God bless her she's listened to 1000 stories of Funkeys, Puffles, Penguins and Video games.  Not to mention, she is our very own model, whether she wants to be or not, for teaching personal space and proper touching.  Lord, somedays he pats her on the chest to get her attention probably more than her husband ever has!!  She just takes it all in stride and counsels and instructs him just like I would.  We're truly blessed to have her!!!!

Well like I said, hopefully, I will be blogging more if I can figure out how to link to my mobile.  So if any of you know, text or call me!!!

PS  If you don't have my new phone number, let me know and I'll text or email it to you.

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