Sunday, June 7, 2009

Long time, no blog

Sorry for the absence!!! We've been trying to just hold on until the last day of school which is Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Let's see to catch up:
  • We no longer ride the bus. The bus driver that we did have quit. That was change, we don't do change well. The new bus driver is an a@* from Deliverance, nuff said. And a boy on the bus told Will that he was going to cut his head off with a knife and bent his finger back until it was red and swollen. And when he screamed in pain what did our wonderful new bus driver do? She told him to "Shut up!" OK we don't use those words in our house! Will considers those 2 words to be as bad as any curse word. I consider them ugly, rude and a poor choice in general. So when I called the school, they assured me they would get to the bottom of this. Three weeks later, nothing.
  • Will has had a substitute for the past 2 weeks due to vacations and EOG testing. His teacher is proctoring. His sub is a lady that we used to go to church with, who has told several members of the community, who in turn have come back and told me, what a nuisance he is to have around. I've seriously considered telling her what a nuisance she is to the human race in general, but again, I'm hanging on.
  • On a better note, we have found some wonderful materials, both textbook and computer programs to use next year! (Thanks Christi!!)
  • Planned and pulled off an awesome baby shower for Misty!! Yea me!
  • Will's cookout this past Saturday for the grandparents and his best friend went wonderful. Great fun was had by all!
  • We are packing this week to leave for the beach next Saturday, on his actual birthday with Melissa, Phillip, Madison and Megan and Josh, Jessica and Tyson. Folly Beach here we come!!!!
  • Thanks to my wonderful hubby looking out for me, I am a darker shade of pale, so maybe I won't fry like a 'tater at the beach. It's always SPF 50+ for me!!!

I think that gets us up to date for the most part. I have come to the conclusion that I need this vacation a lot!! I have also decided that maybe Craig, Melissa and Mom are right and I take on way too much for my own good. Maybe I'll make that a mid year resolution, not that it will probably work. It's just my personality to constantly be busy. I think I do my best work under pressure! But I do think it is catching up with me. We'll just leave it at that for now. Seriously, the vacation is well needed and deserved for all of us!!

Remember to keep us in your prayers and please pray for my cousin Bonnie. She is fighting Lupus. She's in a lot of pain daily and needs your prayers.

Love & Hugs!


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